About Us

Energize Every Entrepreneur

CTalk.in aims at energizing every entrepreneur.
Startup, Technology, Leadership is our mantra.
We publish details and interviews about lesser known innovative startups. We take Education and Research very seriously. These are the pillars that help the next gen.

What we do

We pick up the lesser known or little known startups that do highly innovative work. We talk to investors, incubators, accelerators, universities and event managers. These lesser known startups require visibility to the extent that they get customers and/or investors. That requires some kind of positioning and branding.

Ctalk.in as a platform will help these startups to get there. Whatever little effort we do, we do not expect any money from these startups. We believe that these startups are the ones that give hope to the next generation.

We are a team of people with eternal love for startup, technology and leadership.

How do we qualify startups

Your organization must have been a registered company in India And/Or Your Startup must have customers in India.
Your startup must have a product or a platform.
Your startup must have a website.
Your startup must be less than 7 years old.

Once you cross the first USD 5 million funding, you are no more a startup. You move to the next level.

Your startup can be in any industry/domain. Does not matter.

Together, let us make some positive change in the world.

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