t is very interesting and energizing to see a startup in the carnatic music field. Charsur Arts Foundation in Alwarpet, Chennai is a new hall that conducts regular carnatic music concerts. It houses about 200 people and has a great acoustic system.

As a startup, it needs a differentiation, right? It has. All concerts will conducted in this hall, in this Dec-Jan music season, will be based on some famous place in Tamil Nadu. The theme is Mylai to Kanyakumari. Mylai means Mylapore, part of Chennai. There are many places in Tamil Nadu that have very big temples, and there are 1400 year old Tamil songs in Thevaram (Lord Siva based) or Divya Prabandham (Lord Vishnu based). The singer must sing songs based on these places (called sthalams).

Initially I was wondering what impact this will have. When I attended a few concerts, the artists used to announce the details of the song and the place mentioned in the song. When the artist says Madurai, I could see Madurai people giving applause; and when the artist says Thanjavur, the Thanjavur people clap like thunder! What a great impact and cultural blend, that is brought out by the theme!

Charsur Foundation is non-profit and they accept donations only. All concerts are free and it encourages artists from various states as well.

Charsur has brought an awesome collection of about 4200 carnatic music tracks, done bye great musicians and are bundled to an audio device and SD card 64GB. This treasure is recorded over last 20 years I believe. This is one unique offering by Charsur and this is available for a fee.

Unlike the crowd whose average age is 50+, I could see a lot of youngsters in Charsur. This is a welcome sign and shows that the start-up Charsur Sabha is on the right direction!

Great initiative, Great ambiance and Great music.

Thanks to Charsur.

Dec 26, 2019

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