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Invisible, but this coronavirus stalls the whole world

Every country must take precautionary steps asap, to contain and block the spreading of the new coronavirus.

The Quest For River Saraswati: Moving From Myths To Facts

This article offers additional evidence to support two theses: One, that the Saraswati actually existed, and Two, that the migrations forced by its desiccation are recorded in ancient texts.

Smart Tags in toll booths in India

When you travel long distance thru toll roads, you need to add 3-4 minutes per toll booth. FastTags or smart tags are going to be mandatory.

Metro in every Indian city will solve so many problems

The service level and acceptance of metro rail services in Indian cities are really great. This is the way to go to solve so many issues.

Moods of a start-up CEO

The brain behind the startup must work at its best. What will be the intra-day mood swings of that brain?

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