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Elliot Alderson must be praised as he proved that Aarogya Setu is reliable

Elliot Alderson is a hacker. He/she claims to be a French security researcher in He/she tested Aaarogya Setu and clarified the facts better than anyone else.

Techstars Startup Weekend Madurai 2020

Here is your chance to change the world. No Talk, All Action ! We're in cITy ! Startup Weekend Madurai (17 Jan - 19 Jan) 2020

Cyber attack makes a city to go offline

New Orleans Declares State Of Emergency Following Cyber Attack

Hackathon event by Tamil Nadu Police - a great way to tap talent

200+ ethical hackers participated in the Hackathon event conducted by TN Police. SSN College wins the top prize

Naxals Armed With Drones: Rogue UAVs Are Turning Out To Be India’s Next Big Security Headache

There are an estimated six lakh rogue or unregistered and unregulated UAVs in India, and security experts say every single one of them is a potential hazard. There is an urgent need to invest in R&D to develop new and effective counter-UAV systems.

Fraud and risk management in this connected world

No one is now isolated. Internet, mobile and apps make everyone accessible in one way or the other and this leads to fraud.

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