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Carnatic music festival in Chennai - a legendary field

The music festival 2019-20 has started in Chennai with 1000s of concerts.

Senior citizens - Falling interest rates - Equity is here to stay

Deposit interest rates are now at a new recent low of around 6.75%, down from the 8.5% average in 2015.

GoFloaters redefines "workspace" and "worktime"

The way people work, especially how freelancers, startups, independent professionals, creative professionals and professionals on-the-move work, has changed drastically but the office choices for them has not.

From the eyes of an investor

Getting investor's money to your company bank account is a tough path. What is going on in their minds?

Moods of a start-up CEO

The brain behind the startup must work at its best. What will be the intra-day mood swings of that brain?

Internal selling is extremely important

Before your customers buy your ideas, make sure your employees buy those!

Key points while doing a product demo

You get max 30 minutes to do product demo. Every second counts.

Start-up to scale-up

Growth gives more growth. Every org wants to be a growing org.

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