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“Eat Good,Do Good” GO DESi raises Rs 4.5 crore in funding led by Rukam Capital

GO DESi products are manufactured at micro units set up in rural areas with the aim of creating long term sustainable jobs.

Building a business with Investor money

Today lot of start-ups have evolved to challenge the incumbent in the industry. The new age companies either introduce a better product with new features or change the way the services were delivered before. The disruption is dependent on two things - customer adoption and capital structure.

The core ideas that generated billions of dollars

A few powerful ideas - just one liners, have generated billions of dollars. Let us see a few of those.

Get the unit economics right

Revenue traction and revenue growth rate are 2 important factors of your startup. Unit economics determines how much burn will happen. Content review is in progress.

7 steps to conserve the available fund

Cash in hand is heaven. Be frugal with it. Content review is in progress. Stay tuned.

From the eyes of an investor

Getting investor's money to your company bank account is a tough path. What is going on in their minds?

What not to do while pitching

Pitching is all about creating trust and hope. One wrong move, you are done.

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