A lot of talent is available in rural areas. We believe that educated women in rural areas have the potential to drive our economy higher and higher. The only gap we see is the "access" to the available work or project, to these women.

Vidya Bharti and Open Mentor Trust have come together on this mission. We have identified 5 rural women who have college degree and currently not working in any formal organization. Open Mentor Trust trains these women in Software Testing (functional testing in manual mode), to carry out Quality Assurance activities on web applications.

Resileo Labs LLP, Chennai, will provide the project work to these women. Test Manager from Resileo Labs will coordinate to these people thru internet and track the progress on a daily basis. Laptop and internet facilties are provided to these women; thus, the work comes to their doorstep.

We truly believe that this is a scalable model to cater to 1000s of startup companies in India alone.

Jul 18, 2023

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