Banning cigarette is more important than banning fire crackers

Air pollution Vs lung pollution must be the first thought in everyone's mind

Love mother nature and she will love you right back

Evlogia Eco Care is a startup company that comes up with eco-friendly and healthy innovations meant for daily use by common people.

Union Government Launches ‚ÄėSwadeshi Microprocessor Challenge‚Äô

Closely on the heels of its successful AatmaNirbhar app challenge, the Union Ministry Of Electronics And Information Technology (MeiyY) on Tuesday (Aug 18) launched ‚ÄúSwadeshi Microprocessor Challenge‚ÄĚ to realise the ambition of self-reliance and a momentous stride towards ‚ÄúAtmanirbhar Bharat‚ÄĚ.

Apache JMeter - Enjoy load testing!

Proxy, Record, Thread Groups, Controllers, Assertions, Parameters, Regular Expression Extraction.

Software Performance Testing Concepts

Non-functional tests, types of performance tests, what do we test in performance, load test tool features.

Know what your kid needs to eat and how we make it happen -

Tasty, healthy, simple and cost effective food for kids by

Locusts, Epidemics, Famines, Etc: The Measures Kautilya Recommended To Deal With These Calamities In Arthashastra

Read the measures Kautilya recommended in the Arthashastra to deal with calamities caused by acts of Gods such as famine, fires, droughts, locusts attack, diseases, epidemics, etc.

India's Covid19 Relief Package

India's much needed Covid19 Relief Package.