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Will 2020-21 be a zero academic year or not?

All students remain in the same grade as previous year, is termed as zero academic year! Too tough to digest, isn't it?

Foundation to Data Analytics, a must before you take up Data Analytics Course

Preparation to be done before taking up Data Analytics Course.

Dream comes true to 485 students thru Anandham Youth Foundation

Anandham is a voluntary service organization run by a team of like-minded socially responsible youngsters with the primary objective to support underprivileged, rural students who scored high marks in their Plus Two examinations but could not afford the increasing costs of higher education.

Corona Effects - some lessons learnt

Covid19 has taught some great lessons. These lessons cannot be forgotten.

A few key points on COVID-19 - A must read for all

COVID-19 must be dealt as a global emergency situation. Do NOT relax.

HooLiv raises undisclosed funding from Kolte-Patil Developers

HooLiv, redefines the Shared Living experience to students by creating a Conducive ecosystem with Standardized Living and Collaborative Environment.

Building Nalandas In 21st Century: ICCR Conference Shares Report With PM Modi Suggesting Ways To Attract Foreign Students Via Indic Knowledge Systems

The ICCR conference deliberated on the objective of making India one of the leading hubs of education for foreign students.

Enough of this no-use syllabus upto 12th standard

All kinds study a lot of topics that they do not use in their lifetime. This has been going on for the last 3 generations. How can we stop this?

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