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PM Modi announces Rs 20 lakh crore special economic package

The package is for our labourers, farmers, honest tax payers, MSMEs and cottage industry, Modi said.

Farm Fresh Flowers Daily delivery of puja flowers, right to your doorstep

We are building a company to achieve something really simple: to make flowers a way of life for millions of households across India.

Salute to CUB

A 115 years old bank, profitable all thru these years, not even a single day of employee strike. City Union Bank.

Legal services made easy, on-demand by LegalKart

There are more than 45 million MSMEs, startups & companies in India who actively need legal support in their businesses.

Two best things expected out of a startup incubator

More than money and space, startup incubators provide these 2 things.

RoboChef disrupts cooking industry - your kitchen will get robotized

Consistent food quality, high in hygiene - will be available to everyone, anywhere. RoboChef makes this happen.

Predictive analytics to hospitality industry - the Sengen way

What do you do with the feedback given by a customer after dining? Sengen gives prediction.

Give up & start up: What's motivating boomerangs to take a chance

More professionals are giving up promising careers in big cities to start up in their tier-2 hometowns

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