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Farm Fresh Flowers Daily delivery of puja flowers, right to your doorstep

We are building a company to achieve something really simple: to make flowers a way of life for millions of households across India.

Salute to CUB

A 115 years old bank, profitable all thru these years, not even a single day of employee strike. City Union Bank.

Legal services made easy, on-demand by LegalKart

There are more than 45 million MSMEs, startups & companies in India who actively need legal support in their businesses.

Two best things expected out of a startup incubator

More than money and space, startup incubators provide these 2 things.

RoboChef disrupts cooking industry - your kitchen will get robotized

Consistent food quality, high in hygiene - will be available to everyone, anywhere. RoboChef makes this happen.

Predictive analytics to hospitality industry - the Sengen way

What do you do with the feedback given by a customer after dining? Sengen gives prediction.

Give up & start up: What's motivating boomerangs to take a chance

More professionals are giving up promising careers in big cities to start up in their tier-2 hometowns

The Jobs Paradox: Amidst Cries Of GDP Slowdown, Jobs Seem To Be Growing

Regardless of whether growth accelerates or decelerates, there is the possibility of jobs growth being a variable independent of growth.

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