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Banning cigarette is more important than banning fire crackers

Air pollution Vs lung pollution must be the first thought in everyone's mind

Locusts, Epidemics, Famines, Etc: The Measures Kautilya Recommended To Deal With These Calamities In Arthashastra

Read the measures Kautilya recommended in the Arthashastra to deal with calamities caused by acts of Gods such as famine, fires, droughts, locusts attack, diseases, epidemics, etc.

Corona Effects - some lessons learnt

Covid19 has taught some great lessons. These lessons cannot be forgotten.

Coronavirus Hits India, But Should You Panic? Know All About The Scare

Coronavirus has spread across 80+ countries. Every individual must take certain precautions.

Oga - Fitness Redefined - Interactive workouts and fitness anytime, anywhere at your own convenience

Access to high-quality personalized fitness care comes at a huge price and most often not inconvenient to a large section of the society. Oga redefines fitness and solves the problem.

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