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Foundation to Data Analytics, a must before you take up Data Analytics Course

Preparation to be done before taking up Data Analytics Course.

Apache JMeter - Enjoy load testing!

Proxy, Record, Thread Groups, Controllers, Assertions, Parameters, Regular Expression Extraction.

Software Performance Testing Concepts

Non-functional tests, types of performance tests, what do we test in performance, load test tool features.

Embright helps autistic children thru virtual reality

1 out of 59 children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) all around the world, according to the Centre of Autism Disease Control and Prevention Survey. How to efficiently teach those kids?

India to work hard to get better in global skills index

The Coursera Global Skills Index unites Coursera’s deep expertise in data and education to highlight the world’s top trending career skills. The first edition of the GSI ranks 60 countries and 10 industries across Business, Technology, and Data Science.

An amazing site with abundant and simple learning material -

Providing a good and simple learning content is not easy. That too for free, is a very tough one. is a great place to learn.

Skill gap in Tamil Nadu - Help us to fix it

Tamil Nadu has a human resource deficit of 50 lacs for the period 2017-2022.

Robotic Process Automation and its effect on SME

Increasing cost, skill shortage, lower margins....Can automation help?

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