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Startup weekend Chennai - Your idea in 54 hours

Over the weekend, you can transform your idea into a valuable product, find your co-founders and embark on your entrepreneurial dreams.

Techstars Startup Weekend Madurai 2020

Here is your chance to change the world. No Talk, All Action ! We're in cITy ! Startup Weekend Madurai (17 Jan - 19 Jan) 2020

Celebration by Chennai start-ups

Startup Pongal is an initiative of Startup Karam aimed at bringing together all the startups and also provide a platform for upcoming startups to know more about the community

A Chennai Start-up Sabha in Carnatic Music

Here is an interesting startup sabha that promotes carnatic music.

StarApp - A platform that introduces great talent to the rest of the world

Everyone is special and everybody has got some talent; but the problem is, they all need a perfect platform.

100+ startups, silently disrupting - IIT Madras Research Park

A set of 100+ startups from IIT Madras Research Park are silently disrupting the world. Get know about them.

Get the right investment advise - India market as well as foreign markets - the ZenWise way

Zambala product has been created with a vision to bring trust, transparency and convenience at the hands of retail investors. Now you get to know the finer aspects of foreign markets.

Legal services made easy, on-demand by LegalKart

There are more than 45 million MSMEs, startups & companies in India who actively need legal support in their businesses.

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