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Senior citizens - Falling interest rates - Equity is here to stay

Deposit interest rates are now at a new recent low of around 6.75%, down from the 8.5% average in 2015.

Research fellow is immortal

Research requires extreme passion. It also requires a lot of sacrifice.

This ex-Google guy helps startups in branding, with frugal budget

As a startup, do not think that marketing and branding require a million dollar budget.

The Jobs Paradox: Amidst Cries Of GDP Slowdown, Jobs Seem To Be Growing

Regardless of whether growth accelerates or decelerates, there is the possibility of jobs growth being a variable independent of growth.

7 steps to conserve the available fund

Cash in hand is heaven. Be frugal with it. Content review is in progress. Stay tuned.

Moods of a start-up CEO

The brain behind the startup must work at its best. What will be the intra-day mood swings of that brain?

From the eyes of an investor

Getting investor's money to your company bank account is a tough path. What is going on in their minds?

AI and ML - boon or bane

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. They are here to disrupt.

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