mbright Infotech (https://embrightinfotech.com/) identified the ratio of 1:59 children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) all around the world, according to the Centre of Autism Disease Control and Prevention Survey. This makes it a demanding problem to be addressed. Research indicates that there is no medical detection for autism. Nearly 28 percent of 8-year-olds with ASD have self injurious behavior. The global market size was $346.2 Million in 2013 and$ 360.9 Million in 2014. The projected global market size for 2019 in this field stands at $7.7 Billion. We are related to the fields of healthcare,targeting and dealing with neuro developmental disorder patients caused mainly due to neurological, intellectual and genetic complications which is basically termed as Autism.

Auticare- XR-AI based Assistive Technology Learning Platform for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and Special Education, is a skill training and development therapy.

The current diagnosis method involves the Doctors observation of the patients over a generalized parameter. Since the patients are not able to give much feedback, the doctors are not able to fully find out the in-depth details of their disability. We at Embright Infotech create environments that help doctors with improved feedback on visual and motor responses that enables doctors to understand each patient and their progress and responsiveness to each treatment level.

What made you to start this journey and how is it going so far?

My mother (mother of Founder, Sathyanarayanan A R) is Post-Doctoral in Clinical Linguistics who worked with Institute for Communicative and Cognitive Neuro Sciences (ICCONS). Her passion toward the rehabilitation work done to the disabled children inspired me a lot. Combined with my experience in Virtual Reality while working as an innovation specialist at MNC in Bangalore and my exposure to Disabled children. I went about creating a company that develops virtual reality healthcare solutions using the Virtual Reality platform. Together with my friend Mr. Bobin Chandra, CFO founded Embright Infotech Pvt Ltd in May 2017. We started with 4 people and have grown into a team of 18. At present we are working along with Govt. of Kerala in Assistive Technology.

If your startup has received funds in the last 9 months. Tell about your recent funding and how it has helped you.

Got Selected for NIDHI PRAYAS Funding (Rs. 10 Lakhs) scheme initiated by Govt of India for Startups.

What is your contribution to society?

We believe that equal opportunities should be given to all the sections of the people in every walks of life including education, social interactions etc. Our aim is to bring up the differently abled community into the mainstream, with the help of the emerging technologies like Virtual Reality, we can invoke a new culture among ourselves to share a room with them.The virtual reality platform paves a way for the differently abled sector to lead a life like us. Our vision is to eliminate the socio-economic,interactive barriers between us and them. Thus there will be a future that could consider the differently abled births as a boon to the family,communities more over to the Nation itself. We believe that their enrichment will lead to the development of the society via utilising their gifted talents to a meaningful purpose.

As a startup, what are the top 2 challenges you face now?

As the technology is relatively new it possess a great lot of challenges in market penetration due higher cost of hardware and lack of awareness in the general public. The use case versatility of Virtual Reality are relatively untapped even today in the global perspective. Being a Healthcare product dealing with disabled children the challenges faced by the whole team is immense. Not every parent is willing to associate their disabled child with a new medical procedure and it takes time for these ample collection team to build trust and confidence. This difficulty in approach delays our sample collection time and procedure optimization.Many 2D applications are available online and they are used only sparingly due to the lack of effectiveness they give. Even during such difficulties, we enjoy the advantages of being a niche technology that is having immense opportunity to build Healthcare solutions on a wide spectrum. With the help of our team of Doctors we are able to create anew immersive environment that will aid the doctors to study a patient in detail. This much analysis was not possible before due to the limits of other technologies that are prevailing in the market. Our environments

Jan 17, 2020

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