T4 with the theme “Leapfrog into the new Digital future” is the latest avatar (4th in sequence) in a series of Digital Transformation Conferences which started 3 years ago with DT1 which focused on the emerging trends around Digital. DT2 was done around the time, the IT industry was facing a downturn and job cuts due to the shift in technologies and the theme was coined as “Digital Tsunami – Survive and Thrive” to enable skill building followed by DT3 which came at a time, when more clarity was needed on how you can make value out of Digital and hence the  theme was coined as “Digital Rumpus – Perish or Prosper”.


The conference discussions and agenda will cover the 6S’s (segments of focus) and the 4 Vectors such as Customer experience (how can one dramatically improve customer experience like the Uber/Ola model), Trends, Technologies and the Applications that can be created across the various domains.

6 Segments

The topics of the conference would include discussion around various strategies for leapfrogging, solutions that display such characteristics, start-ups working on such products/solutions, technologies for safety, security and the skilling aspects for the future.

  • Strategies
  • Solutions
  • Start-ups
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Skills

Knowledge Paper

A knowledge paper will also be released as part of the conference that will highlight all the latest technologies, various applications, case studies etc. This will be done along with our Knowledge Partner.

DT4 Exhibition

DT4 will see an exhibition with 25 to 30 stalls to showcase not only the latest technologies but also to cover the related ecosystem including skilling companies, service providers, solution providers etc. Best exhibitor award selected by the audience will also be considered.

B2B Connect

The conference will see a B2B connect facilitated by FICCI Technology Panel Members. There is a special space / booths allocated for this purpose and scheduling will be done prior to the conference as well as on the day of the conference.

Early Bird Discount Available till Feb 14, 2020 |  Delegate / Stall / Paper Registration : www.ficci-tnsc.com/dt4/register

Delegate Registration Link: http://www.ficci-tnsc.com/dt4/register   (Use the discount code "FICCIDT4" to get additional 10% discount)

Stalls Registration Link: http://www.ficci-tnsc.com/dt4/stalls   (Showcase your products, services, initiatives in front of Whos Who in the Industry)

Submit your academic paper on Digital:  Link: http://www.ficci-tnsc.com/dt4/register (Papers will be published in International Journal, IJITCE)

RSVP: Mr R Sudharsan, FICCI, Mob: 9003052624

Title Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Feb 16, 2020

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