0vel coronavirus has taken about 170 lives, as I type this article. International media had already published that the confirmed cases had crossed the 7500 mark.

7500+ confirmed cases means, the virus has a very high velocity to spread.

Several countries and airlines have already declared a travel lock-in to and from China to contain the situation. With no vaccine in place, WHO had already urged the whole world, to take every possible step to do rapid tests to quarantine and isolate positive cases.

The news had already created enough panic globally. Some media had started reporting that this is a lab grown virus, possibility of bio-war etc. No one knows how the virus originated, but this kind of false news spread faster than the virus.

The first duty is to contain and block the virus and not to spread rumors and false propaganda about China.
Image by Herney G├│mez from Pixabay

In the past SARS and MERS had emerged. As we get stronger in technology, the virus also gets stronger it seems. In this connected world, diseases can spread across continents within 24 hours. Already 17 countries have confirmed cases due to this virus. The loss to business, travel and other adjacent industries, due to this situation is unprecedented. We could see this in worldwide stock markets.

Research is already on, to create a vaccine for this coronavirus. Let us hope that we will get that vaccine very soon.

Title Photo by CDC on Unsplash.

Jan 30, 2020

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