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Open CV - Power for computers to See

OpenCV - let the computers see like humans!

India to work hard to get better in global skills index

The Coursera Global Skills Index unites Coursera’s deep expertise in data and education to highlight the world’s top trending career skills. The first edition of the GSI ranks 60 countries and 10 industries across Business, Technology, and Data Science.

Cyber attack makes a city to go offline

New Orleans Declares State Of Emergency Following Cyber Attack

Hackathon event by Tamil Nadu Police - a great way to tap talent

200+ ethical hackers participated in the Hackathon event conducted by TN Police. SSN College wins the top prize

India needs more and better chip fab units

When compared to many other countries, the number of semiconductor chip fab units in India is way too less. It is high time that the Government invests in this space, now.

Complete revamp of our examination system

What is the point in conducting exams that just test the memory and recollection aspect, completely missing the analytical reasoning of students?

Research fellow is immortal

Research requires extreme passion. It also requires a lot of sacrifice.

IIT-Madras Crosses 500 Crore-mark for Sponsored Research in FY 2018-19

The growth observed by IIT-M has doubled in the past 5 years in consultancy projects. These sponsored projects also include funding from industries as well as government agencies.

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