st Online Audition platform to exhibit your performances on our mobile app (Starapp Android , Starapp iOS), where we pool Auditions of all the talents in Singing , Dancing, Acting, Directors, Musicians, Other special talents.

Thanks to AnishJai for his interview with CTalk.in.

What is the problem your product solves and how big is the space?

If you take Tiktok or Smule, talents put time and effort to create content but in return its only the fan base they create; but StarApp creates value to everyone’s content. In general, Audition process is difficult but StarApp makes it simple through online. All other talent platforms don’t give direct benefit but we give either direct monetization or opportunities. We conduct contest and audition for all kind of media talents like singers, dancers, actors, musicians, directors, Models and many more.

We have separate categories for physically challenged and street artists so they could attend audition without any major hustle and cast their talents as a special featuring which could change their life.

As you know, Media and Entertainment industry is a mass segment and that’s to both artists and consumers of reality show and Talent content calculated about a market size of 1.5 Billion and revenue projection of 1.2 Trillion by 2025. Our application serves all regions in the world with their localized content.

What made you to start this journey and how is it going so far?

Though I developed a lot of pet products and even got some Patents, this product is very close to me. By my young age I was very passionate about Music and arts, But my family members were not comfortable as we all know media industry is not that transparent and welcoming to aspiring talents and few corrupted with women abuse or nepotism or you have to take a risk of spending your whole life to get your first opportunity. Even after the first opportunity only less than 10% are successful in the Industry. So I wanted to redesign the whole process with the advantage of the latest technologies which could benefit all level of talent, ie., not only the trained first grade talents, but also even a bathroom singer. Content distribution going to play a major role in this era, which is not regularized right now but Starapp will streamline through our process.

We had initial start-up hiccups but now we are growing strong. It’s been 16 Months now after our first beta launch achieved 20,000 users and got 95% of positive feedbacks before even our effective operation starts.
Now we got incubated by Veltech Incubation centre. Our launch will be on Feb 14th in Dubai and follow-up 2nd launch in Malaysia on March 14th by Maestro Illayaraja.

We have got selected as top 10 start-up by CITIC and Rs. 5 lakhs grants was approved but apart from it all our funds are bootstrapped.

Can you give one top customer success story?

Every customer gives us a great testimonial to our service. Not only customers but also our talents’ loved ones, about the benefit their family member/friend getting as we serving them to achieve their dreams. So far we have created free profiles for about 200 Street artists and given price money for more than 100+ Talents. One aspiring actor got a television opportunity and we have done production for 2 musicians. We are very excited that we found and supporting a Tamil rapper from very deep village from Srilanka and this major production going to be launched at an event hosting 20,000 audiences.

What do you look from the Government to help startups?

I feel recent days government is doing a good job in supporting the start-ups with the internal community connection and few funding as well, but it is also very important to have a board which majorly work to connect us to the international community so we could do marketing and to establish and compete in the global market.

How do you see your org in the next 3 years?

Our goal is to achieve 1 Million effective users. To reach out every needy talents struggling for an opportunity at the very corner of this world. To be the first and a major virtual production house globally and achieved 1,00,000 direct beneficiaries in all categories.

How do you measure success?

For me it is all started with my pain point as a talent, when I was not able to find simple and transparent process to transform my profession or a part time job at least.  So the success for us will be empowering millions of talent who are all really struggled or in dilemma to choose media as career. To have our virtual production house effectively working and serving millions of artists around the world.

All the best StarApp team.

Dec 19, 2019

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