arketing is a continuous exercise. Your brand must win hearts before you make money. Many people tried different marketing models and techniques, and a few of those proved to be working well across industries. Still there is a small portion of geo specific approach.

1. Digital content

Content is consumed by audience in so many ways that one cannot imagine. Good content always gain momentum in every media. Content creation is an industry by itself. You need to take precautions to avoid copyright and plagiarism issues. Content creation must be continuous and consistent. Also the content must be simple and not complex. Hence have some very good content writers. You need not have 100s of writers, a few good ones are good to start with.

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2. User Groups and Subscribers

User feedback, comments and interactions give life to content. Try to create content that calls for actions. User interactions provide a feel in the others, that they should also react. Loyal subscribers are the ones who read your content on a daily basis. Creating and nurturing user groups itself is a separate portfolio. Your need to market to get subscribers across many locations and industries.

3. Timing. Relevant content for today, this hour, this place. This is the real killer. A short and sweet timely content will get immediate surge in traffic.


4. Audio Video

Monotonous text is a no-go. It must have audio and video. Audio and video content for every industry is vital. Whether you call a celebrity to do that or not, visuals always are welcome by audience. Your content strategy must have a division for AV as a separate unit. Choosing the voice of a person - male or female, accent of the voice, age of the person speaking everything matters when it comes to AV. The market survey of your target audience will give this insight.

5. Targeted Ads, Tagging and SEO

Your targeted ads must be very precise so that every penny is ensured of its reach to the right audience. All digital content must use tags that are very relevant to the content. There are already popular search texts that millions are people look for. Ensure that your content has got all these relevant keywords. Content review team must ensure that these items are properly incorporated before the content is published.

6. Micro sites and Referrer sites

One site alone cannot do the job. For easy maintenance you need to have micro sites to promote and talk about one thing at a time. marketing orgs use different back linking and referrer sites to point and drive traffic to your location. Though this may increase the overhead effort, this cannot be ignored.

7. Market Survey

Take periodic survey from the audience. Take at least 2-3% sample audience to do this. This gives continuous pulse on how people consume your efforts. Apart from survey, you need to do traffic analytics using Google Analytics, Alexa etc.

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Sep 30, 2019

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