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Corona Effects - some lessons learnt

Covid19 has taught some great lessons. These lessons cannot be forgotten.

Building Nalandas In 21st Century: ICCR Conference Shares Report With PM Modi Suggesting Ways To Attract Foreign Students Via Indic Knowledge Systems

The ICCR conference deliberated on the objective of making India one of the leading hubs of education for foreign students.

Search, Keywords, Site Ranking

Great sites with amazing content do not require paid search!

Naxals Armed With Drones: Rogue UAVs Are Turning Out To Be IndiaÔÇÖs Next Big Security Headache

There are an estimated six lakh rogue or unregistered and unregulated UAVs in India, and security experts say every single one of them is a potential hazard. There is an urgent need to invest in R&D to develop new and effective counter-UAV systems.

Smart Tags in toll booths in India

When you travel long distance thru toll roads, you need to add 3-4 minutes per toll booth. FastTags or smart tags are going to be mandatory.

Fraud and risk management in this connected world

No one is now isolated. Internet, mobile and apps make everyone accessible in one way or the other and this leads to fraud.

100+ startups, silently disrupting - IIT Madras Research Park

A set of 100+ startups from IIT Madras Research Park are silently disrupting the world. Get know about them.

Pollution and Diwali

Pollution level raises sharply in many cities during Diwali. But Delhi stands out so bad.

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