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Padma Vibhushan Dr. V. Shanta - lives forever

V. Shanta (11 March 1927 - 19 January 2021) was an Indian oncologist and the chairperson of Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennai. She is best known for her efforts towards making quality and affordable cancer treatment accessible to all patients in her country.

Chennai Music Season 2020 has gone online

Every field adapts to covid protocols.

Phobia over the word Corporate

There is an increasing fear over the words "corporate", especially in developing countries. Is it real?

DRDO unveils advanced hypersonic wind tunnel facility

DRDO Unveils Advanced Hypersonic Wind Tunnel Facility To Help Develop Futuristic Aerospace Defence Systems

Banning cigarette is more important than banning fire crackers

Air pollution Vs lung pollution must be the first thought in everyone's mind

Software Performance Testing Concepts

Non-functional tests, types of performance tests, what do we test in performance, load test tool features.

Locusts, Epidemics, Famines, Etc: The Measures Kautilya Recommended To Deal With These Calamities In Arthashastra

Read the measures Kautilya recommended in the Arthashastra to deal with calamities caused by acts of Gods such as famine, fires, droughts, locusts attack, diseases, epidemics, etc.

Elliot Alderson must be praised as he proved that Aarogya Setu is reliable

Elliot Alderson is a hacker. He/she claims to be a French security researcher in He/she tested Aaarogya Setu and clarified the facts better than anyone else.

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