isruption is their DNA. They breathe innovation. They work hard. These 100+ startups are from IIT Madras Research Park.

Here is a comprehensive list of the companies. (Funding details are given in brackets)

Come and see them in action.

Ather Energy Pvt Ltd.  Building  India's first Smart Electric scooter  (  $1M - FlipKart, S12M-  Series A Tiger Global, $30.5 M - HeroMotor Corp  )    

Uniphore  Software Systems Private Limited.  Uniphore  is a global Conversational AI company. Uniphore provides AI-enabled  Conversational Analytics, Conversational Assistant and Conversational  (  Series  A Senapathy,  Series B Cisco(Disclosed)  )    

Stellapps  Technologies Private Limited.  An  end-to-end dairy technology solutions company  (  Series  B IndusAge Partners, Bill Gates Foundation, Series A Blume Ventures  )    

Planys  Technologies Private Limited.  Specialises  in underwater robotic inspection services for maritime,  infrastructure & energy sectors globally.  (  $260k-Keiretsu Forum,  $2.1M-Series A ONGC, Rs 1.5 crore from BPCL  )    

Cygni Energy  Private Limited.  Cygni  provides various Solar-DC and DC micro-grid solutions.  (  Rs 10 crore-Series A  RTBI  )    

Hyperverge Inc.  HyperVerge  is delivering Artificial Intelligence (AI) engines for disruptive  organisations around the world  (  $1M - venture firms  NEA , Naya Ventures)    

Detect  Technologies Private Limited.  A  holistic solution to the inspection needs of energy sector focusing  mainly on the pipeline integrity management  (  seed investment-  Keiretsu Forum, $ 3.3M - Series A SAIF Partners  )    

Aibono (Airwood ¬†Aerostructures Pvt Ltd). ¬†India‚Äôs ¬†first Smart Farming Collective‚ĄĘ.Aggregating and turning small farms ¬†into smart farms with the help of Internet and AI. ¬†( ¬†Seed ¬†funding - IITMIC & RTB ¬†Undisclosed amount by Startup Xseed Ventures LLP ¬†) ¬† ¬†

Swadha Energies  Private Limited.  IoT  enabled Motor Control Unit with sensors & cloud  interface providing varying HVAC capacity  (  Seed funding by  RTBI (Disclosed)  )    

InnoNano  Research Private Limited.  Nanomaterial  based water purification technology, which has been widely deployed in India  (  $ 18M - NanoHoldings  LLC  )    

DocsApp (Phasorz  Technologies Private Limited).  DocsApp is  a mobile app for patients to seek online consultation from specialist  doctors  (  $200K -  Milliways Ventures & Krishnan Ganesh,  $1.2M from Facebook's early investors Anand Rajaraman, $5.5M - Series A  investment by Bessemer Ventures  )  

Intellizon  Energy Private Limited.  Creating  tech products for indoor and outdoor lighting using lithium  ion battery combined with LED and solar  (  Undisclosed  )    

Air OK  Technologies Private Limited.  Developing  indoor smart air purifier.  (  Rs 12 crore - Series  A from SAR Group  )    

Dhvani Research  & Development Solution Private Limited.  A  spin-off from the Centre for Non-destructive Evaluation (CNDE) at IITM, this  technology company was formed in 2008 for transferring academic research of  CNDE at IITM into products for the industry.  (  Undisclosed  )  

Nadhi  Information Technologies Private Limited.  Nadhi  is an enterprise software and solutions company developing  analytics and decision support solutions for construction supply chains  (  Undisclosed  )  

ZASTI India  Private Limited.  ZASTI©is  an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology platform that helps  companies and their clients by predicting risks & improving business  efficiency  (  Angel funding  )    

Agnikul Cosmos  Private Limited.  Designing,  building, testing and launching orbital class launch vehicles that  can take up to 100 kgs to Low Earth Orbits  (  Rs 3 crore -  angel investment by Speciale Incept Advisors  )    

Maximl Labs  Private Limited.  Optimize  industrial processes using data science -automate shutdowns in process  industries  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC  )  

QuNu Labs  Private Limited.  QuNu  Labs is a data security company that specializes in  making quantum-safe products and solutions  (  Angel investment  )    

Fabheads  Automation Private Limited.  Fabheads  specializes in developing automated technologies for composites  manufacturing sector  (  Seed  funding by IITMIC, Rs 2.4 crore angel investment by Keiretsu Forum  )    

Skillveri  Training Solutions Private Limited.  Multi-skill  virtual training simulators for manufacturing sector  (  Rs 8 crore - Series A  Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, angel investment by Ankur Capital, seed  funding by RTBI & IITMIC   )    

Docswallet.  Blockchain Digital Locker Services platform for online  storage, verification & sharing of paper based documents,  linking document owners, document issuers and document seeking entities  into a single portal  (  INR 6 crore Series A  investment  )    

Esmito Solutions  Private Limited.  One  stop integrated SAAS solution for Smart Management of Electric  Vehicle infrastructure  (  Undisclosed  )  

FIBSOL Life  Technologies Private Limited.  Innovative nano fiber substrates for  superior agro-inputs;advanced ceramics; sensors & catalysts;  clean energy & filters  (  Seed investment by  IITMIC, Rs 1.5 crore - angel Investment byKeiretsu Forum  )  

GyanData Private  Limited. Provide data  driven solutions across a multitude of sectors such as finance,  retail, transportation and process industries.  (  Undisclosed  )    

NeoMotion  Assistive Solutions Private Limited.  NeoMotion  makes innovative Assistive Devices to create an impact in the lives  of people with disability and the elderly.  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC  )    

innoDI Water  Technologies Private Limited.  InnoDI  has introduced a new water treatment system based  on Capacitive De-ionization (CDI) technology in the market that is  ideally suited for Drinking water applications  (  Undisclosed  )    

ConzumeX  Industries Private Limited  is  a tech startup that designs, develops and sells consumer  electronics&online mobile services, and aims to change the  way people use the internet and wearables.  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC, Rs 2.8 crore angel investment by Keiretsu Forum  )

Kamal Kisan  (Simple Farms Private Limited)  Develops  cost-effective,smart mechanization solutions (agricultural  equipment) for India’s small and marginal farmers,to reduce  labor dependence and increase profitability.  (  seed fund by RTBI  andFISE  )  

Pi Beam Labs  Private Limited  Manufactures  variants of solar electric manual trikes to move  goods & passengers for private and public workspace  applications  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC & RTBI, Rs 1.64 crore angel investment by Keiretsu Forum  )  

Grinntech Motors  & Services Private Limited.  Grinntech  aims to enable scaling up of electric vehicles by making them technically and  economically feasible  (  Seed funding by RTBI  )    

Edutor  Technologies India Private Limited.  Personalized  interactive learning platform  (  Undisclosed  )    

Desicrew  Solutions Private Limited.  Rural  BPO Services.  (  Undisclosed  )    

Solinas  Integrity Private Limited.  Solinas builds next-generation robotic technologies for  detecting defects such as leaks, gas pockets, corrosion, sediments and dents  in critical pipeline infrastructure  (  Undisclosed  )    

Edsix Brain Lab  Private Limited.  Edsix  is an EdTech company that is revolutionizing the 'Way we Learn' with Higher  Order Thinking Skills  (  Seed investment by  RTBI, CIIE-IIMA, Rs 2 crore angel investment  )    

Aikatmya  Technologies Private Limited - "One Fourth Labs"  One  Fourth Labs aims to make India AI ready and approaches this goal with its  three wings  (  Undisclosed  )    

GUVI Geek  Network Technologies Private Limited.  Online  skill acceleration & activity based recruitment platform.  (  Angel Investment,  seed funding by RTBI & IITMIC  )  

Vayujal  Technologies Private Limited.  VayuJal  develops atmospheric water generators (AWGs), which captures  moisture available in the air  (  Seed investment  -Engineers India Limited  )  

Ubifly  Technologies Private Limited.  Building  new hybrid(fixed wing + rotors)aerial vehiclesfor  transforming urban transportation by moving goods and people by air  (  Undisclosed  )  

AAUM research  and Analytics Private Limited.  Big  Data Analytics for enterprises.Clients range from finance,  insurance, HR, Health Care, Entertainment, FMCG, Retail &Telecom  (  Undisclosed  )  

Vasitars Private  Limited  Provides  complete in-situ composite repair solutions to all kind of damage  scenarios in transmission pipelines  (  Seed investment  byGAIL India and IOC  )    

Samyuktha  Wellness Private Limited. cervical  cancer screening process  (  Undisclosed  )    

Invention Labs  Engineering Products Private Limited.  Makes  products for persons with communication disorders.  (  $1M - Series A  investment, $0.5M from Inventus Capital & Mumbai Angels  )    

Aerostrovilos  Energy Private Limited.  Develop  high-end sophisticated gas turbine technology for power  generation in India  (  Rs 0.9 crore -  grant-in-aid fromBPCL  )  

MediSim VR  Private Limited.  Building  affordable haptic-enabled Virtual Reality Surgical Simulators.  (  Undisclosed  )  

Medha Innovation  and Development Private Limited.  Sequence  Analysis Platform over cloud based on Big Data &  proprietary Algorithms that provide robust and more accurate results  for microbial identification, phylogenetic characterization, 16s  meta-genomics diagnosis and NGS (Next Generation Sequence) Analysis.  (  Bootstrapped &  Loan - Punjab National Bank  )    

XYMA Analytics  Private Limited.  Provide  novel sensor technology-based platforms for Industrial IOT  (  Undisclosed  )  

Debrique  Creative Labs Private Limited.  Modular  foldable cabins to Reduce mobilization Cost & Time for Temporary  Infrastructures in Construction Industry & oil refineries.  (  Undisclosed  )    

Microspin  Machine Works Private Limited.  Microspin  works on commercializing innovative technologies of fibre  processing which enables production of premium quality yarn at  low investment, along with significantly reduced energy footprint.  (  Rs  25lac - Seed funding by RTBI,  Rs 70lac - Angel Investment,  Rs 4.75cr - Debt funding  )  

Merkel Haptic  Systems Private Limited.  MHS  is the first haptics company in India exclusively for touch related  technologies, pioneer in providing 3D touch technology solutions in  India and abroad, combining academic and industrial experience  (  $1M  - Two IPs licensed, seed funding by IITMIC  )    

Unilumen  Photonics Private Limited.  Specializes  in fibre laser technology solutions to industries such  as material marking and cutting, and bio-engineering  (  Investment by Jiva  Sciences Pvt. Ltd  )  

Marmag Infra  Private Limited.  Marmag  will provide engineering design solutions in India and across the  globe by harnessing the technical talent pool in rural India.  (  Undisclosed  )  

MGH Labs Private  Limited.  Bogorchid which  can attract, catch & kill mosquitoes naturally.  (  Rs 0.5Cr - Seed  investment by IITMIC, $200k- angel investment from Keiretsu  )    

X2 Fuels and  Energy Private Limited.  Develop  & deploy thermo chemical technologies for the conversion  of any solid feedstock such as biomass, mixed wastes,  MSW, organics into storable liquid & solid fuels  (  Undisclosed  )    

Lema Labs  Private Limited.  Lema  Labs provides Robotics education to local colleges. Has developed  specialized Robotics kits to enable learning.  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC and RTBI  )    

Least Count  Technology Solutions Private Limited. (TRI3D)  TRI3D  is a Virtual Fitting Room technology solution for e-Fashion  stores which helps users to virtually try-on clothes before they buy  online  (  Undisclosed  )    

BlueSinQ  Automations Private Limited.  BuildsIoT  products in consumer electronics space. The first  product range is in home automation domain.  (  Seed Funding by  IITMIC  )  

Yaathum Biotech  Private Limited.  A  molecular biotech company specializing in the development of Real-time  quantitative PCR (qPCR) assays for rapid and affordable diagnosis of disease  and research in life sciences.  (  Biotech Ignition  Grant  )  

Greenvironment  Innovation and Marketing India Private Limited.  An  environmental engineering company focused towards providing Real-time  monitoring, reporting & troubleshooting of water distribution  & treatment systems using IoT based instrument  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC and RTB  )  

MobilTrain  Knowledge Services Private Limited.  Leverages  mobile technology to offer training services in healthcare,  education, employability skills, on the job training and more  (  Undisclosed  )    

Kapindra  Precision Engineering Private Limited. Company  specializing in nano-engineered diamond coatings for commercial  applications in aerospace, defence, medical and electronics  industries.  (  Undisclosed  )  

Gnanam Institute  for Training in Advanced Analytics (GITAA).  GITAA  imparts skill development training in the area of data  science and artificial intelligence.  (  Undisclosed  )  

DIGas Private  Limited.  DiGas  is building next-gen intelligent systems which will make LPG  (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) cooking safer,economical &  convenient.  (  Seed investment  by HPCL  )  

Growtech  Innovations Private Limited.  Growtech  is a Technology Licensing & Innovation Consulting company  focused on helping client create disruptive technology  (  Undisclosed  )    

Elicius Energy  Private Limited.  Elicius  provides more adaptable and adoptable clean energy storage  alternatives, such as hydrogen fuel cells/batteries  (  Undisclosed  )    

Rista  Handicrafts Private Limited.  RISTA  (Rural Indian Social Traditional Artefacts is a social startup that  works with rural woman artisans to create handwoven home décor out of  natural fibers.  (  Seed support by RTBI  )  

Engineering  Project Management Consultancy and Research Private Limited  EPMCR  offerscivil engineering solutionsright from architecture to  delivery of the infrastructure facilities to the client.  (  Undisclosed  )    

Okapi Advisory  Services Private Limited.  Okapi  is an India-based research and consulting group focused  on institutional design for complex goals in changing times.  (  Undisclosed  )    

AquEasy  Innovations Private Limited.  AquEasy  develops water purification solutions  (  Undisclosed  )  

Pojo Software  Private Limited.  Pojo  offers http://Needbook.in- School NEET  Courseware available online and DVD based offline magazines,  college DVD magazine based skilling.  (  Bootstrapped  )  

Theevanam  Additives & Nutraceuts Private Limited.  Micronized  prebiotics, nano-formulation of natural polysaccharide immunity booster for  shrimp aqua industry  (  Seed funding by IITMIC  )    

Sangvint  Technologies Private Limited - WeThink  Offers  an analytics driven assessment portal for K-10 students  (  Undisclosed  )    

AnimApp  (FuchsiaGiraffe Innovations Private Limited).  Animal  healthcare  (  IITMIC and RTBI seed  support  )  

Samudhyoga Waste  Chakra  Management  of wastewater and solid waste, through design, fabrication, installation,  operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants and waste-to-energy  plant  (  Undisclosed  )  

Chakra Network  Solutions Private Limited.  Provides Network  management solutions(Consultancy and Implementation).  (  Undisclosed  )  

EnviTran Smart  Systems Private Limited.  Providing engineering  solutions for vehicular, industrial,  indoor and urban air pollution control.  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC  )    

Concrete Quality  Concepts Private Limited.  On-site non-destructive  and partial destructive testing of concrete condition, repair  and rehabilitation methodologies and consultancy  (  Undisclosed  )    

zBliss  Technologies Private Limited.  Medical  IoT, Hardware and SaaS software solutions for Intensive Care  Units,continuous patient monitoring, data automation, predictive  analytics and advanced AI solutions in Healthcare.  (  Undisclosed  )  

Samudra  Consultants Private LImited.  Provide  expert knowledge, manpower and services towards monitoring of coastal and  ocean environment  (  Undisclosed  )  

Enability  Foundation For Rehabilitation.  A non-profit  Section 8 company to focus on providing indigenous and affordable  assistive technologies solutions to teachers, schools, resource centres  and rehabilitation workers  (  Grant from NASSCOM  Foundation, Seed support by IITMIC  )    

Antariksh Waste  Ventures Private Limited.  Smart  IoT powered Garbage Bins  (  Undisclosed  )  

Rathi Aerospace  Labs Private Limited.  Company  is developing awax based mandrel for safe, cost effective and  easy process of making solid propellants for missiles and launch  vehicles.  (  Undisclosed  )    

Diamondbay  Technologies Private Limited . Diamondbay  specializes in providing real-time kernel-level security,  confidentiality and privacy to Android mobile devices and medical devices  (  Undisclosed  )    

Crion  Technologies Private Limited.  Crion  offers visual based solutions(products & services)  for Training, Maintenance and Efficiency of human  workforce primarily in manufacturing industries  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC  )    

AKXA Tech  Private Limited.  Unique  decision support systems (products/services) for automatic analysis of  Plant DCS Data using algorithm based smart technology tools  (  Rs 1 crore - Aqua  Alloys Pvt. Ltd  )  

Quest Compbio  Private Limited.  A platform for early  stage drug discovery with computational biology at its heart.  (  Bootstrapped  )  

Vaayusastra  Aerospace Private Limited.  An  education company that Trains students in fundamental  science,imparted through a mix of theatre arts and practical  sessions rooted in aeronautics  (  Undisclosed  )

Aavrtti  Technologies Private Limited.  Provides  enhanced solutions to engineering and infrastructure  industries using advanced Non-Destructive Testing  (NDT) and Electro-Magnetics (EM).  (  Undisclosed  )  

Gaags  DevelopingAdjustable  Prosthetic Solutions(AdPro) - adjustable, foolproof prosthetics to  heal fractures faster.  (  Undisclosed  )

IMOV MotionTech  Private Limited.  IMOV  develops intelligent wearables to capture  movement&bio-parameters to give more insight on human  performance  (  Undisclosed  )  

Skyraptor India  Private Limited.  Skyraptor  is a bicycle manufacturing company, which  introduces mechanical assisted power booster drive-train  technology aims at increasing the efficiency and average speed of  bicycle.  (  Undisclosed  )

Okarango Data  Technologies Private Limited.  Customized  hybrid education (online courses & offline  workshops),consulting & research in Data  Science  (  Undisclosed  )  

KriyaNeuro  Technologies Private Limited.  Develop assistive  technologies for people with neural and motor disorders  (  Rs35  Lakhs - grant from BIRAC  )  

Mocero Health  Solutions Private Limited.  Ursugar  is a diabetes management platform with clinical decision support to  aid doctors to provide treatment based on standard of care  (  Undisclosed  )  

Ghost Vision  Private Limited.  Design  and develop Augmented Reality headset.The headset allows  visualization of 3-D models in the real world  (  Seed fund from IITMIC  )  

CisGEN Biotech  Discoveries Private Limited.  Biotech  products related to diagnostics, therapeutics & vaccines, focusing  mainly on novel solutions to veterinary health issues  (  Bio-ignition Grant  from DBT  )  

Viverva Health  Media Private Limited.  In  India there is a huge knowledge gap in Healthcare. Due to lack of awareness,  education and the right information millions of fatalities occur each year  including infants and children  (  Undisclosed  )    

Curneu MedTech  Innovations Private Limited.  Curneu  fosters delivering quality affordable healthcare technology to the developing  countries  (  Undisclosed  )    

Newtomech  Innovative Solutions.  Solving  Industrial problems to optimize design&manufacturing  (  Undisclosed  )  

Institute for  Constructions Materials and Technology Pvt Ltd.  ICOMAT  offers a wide range of building and construction materials  testing services including cement testing, concrete testing,  brick/concrete block testing to the Construction Industry & Routine  Testing of Construction Materials  (  Undisclosed  )  

Udvavisk  Technologies Private Limited.  Provides training,  consulting, Open Source Software implementation and R&D to academic  institutions, industries and R&D labs  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC  )  

JSP Enviro  Private Limited.  Provides  cost effective nano and fuel cell technology-based water  purification system for industrial effluents  (  Undisclosed  )    

ZaZen Systems  Private Limited.  ZaZen  develops DC powered Appliances that are extremely efficient and is  ready to be integrated with Solar Power and Battery Storage.  (  Undisclosed  )    

Sirab ¬†Technologies Transportation Private Limited. ¬†Reliable ¬†lane keeping and platooning Technology for automated driving‚ÄĚ. ¬†( ¬†Undisclosed ¬†) ¬†

qBiome Research  Private Limited.  qBiome  is a research consultancy enterprise that seeks to provide  solutions to process industries in the areas of fermentation,  pharmaceutical and food  (  Undisclosed  )    

Campus Labs  Private Limited.  Campuslabs  is a comprehensive suite of productivity tools for campus users. Some of  the top universities in India are using this Campus ERP system  (  Seed funding by RTBI  )    

ARTA ORTHO  Remedies Private Limited.  Development,  design and manufacture of fashionable & comfortable custom orthotics  and orthopaedic footwear with natural materials like cork using 3D  and CAD-CAM technology  (  Undisclosed  )  

Beebox Studios  Private Limited.  Develops  applications and solutions required for multiple industry verticals  to enhance user experience,utilizing Augmented Reality or Virtual  Reality products.  (  Bootstrapped  )  

Streben  Healthcare Private Limited.  Prevention  of Stress related Disorders. Streben is developing a comprehensive  instrumentation kitto objectively measure stress through multi-modality  approach for early intervention to prevent life style diseases caused by  Stress  (  Rs 20lac - seed  investment  )    

Yali Mobility.  Building  electric vehicles that are accessible and gives mobility to wide range of  peoples  (  Undisclosed  )  

Wii Tronics  Solutions Private Limited.  Company  provides sensor based intelligent parking guidance  solution for on-street and indoor parking garages.  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC   )  

Kornerstone  Devices Private Limited  Mission:equip  radiologists to perform pain-less & quick interventional procedures with  precision  (  BIRAC-IIPME grant  )    

Spheruler  Solutions Private Limited.  Spheruler  provides novel 3D modeling methods and digital imaging  solutions for product manufacturers, shopping portals, design engineers  and educator sectors  (  Undisclosed  )  

Ariken Labs  Private Limited.  Ariken  is a Microfluidics-based Healthcare and Diagnostics Company.  Developing microfluidic platforms for detection of health conditions and  diagnosis of infectious and non-communicable diseases  (  Undisclosed  )  

Quamed  Technologies Private Limited.  QuaMed  is a Cloud-deployed Software-as-a-Service Digital Quality  Management Systems documentation service provider  (  Undisclosed  )  

Yrs Intuitions  Consulting Private Limited.  The  company designs, develops and manages social media pages of brands and  businesses. Also develops websites and mobile applications.  (  Undisclosed  )    

FT Motors  Private Limited (SINA Mobility).  Building  India's first self balancing Electric Motorcycle having fully  enclosed canopy.  (  Funding from friends/family  )  

nFiver  Machineries Private Limited.  K-machines  are autonomous, programmable and brainy to perform everyday task carried by  users with cutting edge control mechanism on the move through Smart phone.  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC  )  

ChemBioSens  Private Limited.  ChemBioSens  is a s pinoff from Biosensors lab at IIT Madras  (  Undisclosed  )  

ecoLogin Tourism  and Travels Private Limited.  An alternate  tourism company. It provides guided tours with a well trained  professional team offering themes ranging from Adventure & Jungle tourism  to Heritage & culture  (  Undisclosed  )

SonoLight  Imaging Innovations Private LImited.  Offers imaging  products and services that exploit signals ranging  from Ultrasound, Light to X-ray  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC  )  

Digital Flora  Technologies Private Limited.  End-to-end  Indoor vertical farming solutions.  (  Undisclosed  )    

Daksha Imaging  Private Limited.  Daksha  develops and provides solutions for the next generation Video  Surveillance:  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC  )    

Karuvee  Innovations Private LImited.  Design  & development of Medical devices, systems and solutions using  advancements in simulation, modeling, communication and information  technology  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC  )    

Thin Film  Solutions - Consultants & Project Executors Private Limited  Training  of technical personnel and consultancy services to thin film manufacturers.  Develop application of thin films in healthcare, defense and  space departments. Supply coated glass/plastic in small scale to  laboratories  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC  )  

YNOS Venture  Engine CC Private Limited.  Improve  effectiveness of fund raising process for start-ups and other early  stage firms using cutting edge technology, data science, and  machine learning tools.  (  seed funding by  IITMIC  )  

MeGo  Technologies Private Limited . Mobile  Applications & E-commerce platform, specializes in designing creative  web-based and mobile-based products.  (  MSME grant  )  

Rope Enterprises  Private Limited.  Home furnishing, home decor, storage and lifestyle products uniquely designed and exquisitely handmade or hand woven using eco-friendly materials and processes is specialty of ROPE Home Decor & Lifestyle.

Arogyam Organics  Private Limited.  Organic  Food Processing  (  Undisclosed  )    

Vastra (Custom  Attire (India) Private Limited).  Vastra manufactures  and supplies high-endinstitutional wearto serve the needs of the  community in a sustainable manner.  (  Seed funding by RTBI  )

Axon Automated  Systems Private Limited  Axon  Machines build smart machines to automate kitchen: set of  appliances that would cook for us all by themselves.  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC  )  

1000Lookz -  (VDime Innovative Works Private Limited)  1000Lookz  is a virtual makeover technology application based on facial image  recognition technology.  (  Undisclosed  )  

RF Wave  Technologies Private Limited  Radio  frequency and Microwave based product development firm.  Specializes in product development for agriculture production system  monitoring.  (  Seed funding by  IITMIC  )  

Padmaseetha  Technologies Private Limited  Developing  a wearable mobile Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal  Dialysis device (mCAPD)  (  Biotechnology  Ignition Grant, Seed funding by IITMIC  )  

Troph Bio  Private Limited  Developing  next gen.medical diagnostics for communicable and  non-communicable diseases  (  Undisclosed  )  

Ozone Motors  Private Limited  Developing  mobility & transportation systems for the modern colonies on Earth, with  an emphasis on clean and eco-friendly product lifecycle and mobility as a  service.  (  Undisclosed  )


* Some companies might have moved out of the IITM RP campus, after funding.

* Source: http://www.incubation.iitm.ac.in/portfolio/all-startups

Title Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

Nov 6, 2019

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