nandham awards 100% Scholarship to underprivileged, rural students who cannot afford the increasing costs of higher education.

The word anandham in Tamil mean, joy, happiness. Bringing joy thru educating the really needy and deserving rural students is the mantra of Anandham Youth Foundation.

To tackle the complexities of modern-day society and help students productively engage in it, Anandham offers supplementary training for overall development such as personality development programs, motivational programs, life skills coaching, yoga and meditation in addition to support for career-based education.

Selection criteria for students:

  • Students Must be from the low-income strata of society.
  • Students with a single parent or no parent.
  • Parents who are daily wage labourers.
  • The students are the first graduates in their families.
  • Deserving marks in consideration with their circumstances.
Money must not be the criteria to stop these deserving stars from rural areas. Anandham does this to the true spirit.

Images taken from Anandham website.



Dec 21, 2020

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