IITM Vidya Shakti Rural Interaction Center (RIC) stall was full of action on the New National Education Policy (NEP) Day celebrations on 29th and 30th July, 2023.

Vidya Shakti is an educational revolution by IITM, IITM Pravartak and Open Mentor Trust, to impart online live education to rural students. Vidya Shakti is operating in 100 villages is Varanasi district in Uttar Pradesh and 90 villages in Tamil Nadu.
Hon'ble Education Minister Sri. Dharmendra Pradhan ji visited the Rural Interaction Center and blessed the occasion.
RIC Team with Hon'ble Education Minister Sri Dharmendra Pradhan ji
Sri. Sunil Kumar Barnwal, Additional Secretary, Dept. of Higher Education, MoE, visited RIC stall and had an online interaction with a rural student from Varanasi district.
Students visited RIC stall and watched virtual reality lessons. All we could hear is a "wow" from them. RIC tries to introduce latest to technology based lessons to rural students.
An electronic kit is given to students at the stall and kids can do a variety of electronic experiments using that. Experts from IITM helped students to do electronic board based exercises.
Students who successfully completed the electronic board based exercises, were given a certificate and Vidya Shakti Keychain.


Jul 31, 2023

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