dulytixe solves the Intercommunication gaps between Management, Teacher and Parents regarding Students/their children. In current generation both Parents are working and they are not aware about the activities of their Child in the school, until or unless they are informed by the teachers during parent teacher meeting. But through this application they can themselves track the progress chart, marks, attendance and achievements etc of their kid and have the complete knowledge of their kid.

Education is making everyone to think digital and teach all the technologies; but if you ask the question, is the industry digitized? No it’s not. It is more fragmented than we think. Here we have come with a solution, and that is Edulytixe.

We first implemented this product in Shanmugha Engineering College, Thiruchengode; earlier they were using multiple applications to track data like attendance, SMS, report card and student details. But after using our application they combined all those into one application.

Currently about 2000 students are using our product across 8 institutions.

When we implemented in one of the schools, where most of their students fall below poverty line, we could see their performance drastically increased.

The students felt energized to use the app and this made them feel that they get the best of technology. The relationship between students and the teachers also strengthened due to seamless automatic feedback mechanism.

I have myself met about 130 school management teams, and I could see their hesitation to accept the product of an early stage startup.

As an early stage startup, we require more ammunition for our sales and marketing team. We see the students, teachers and parents are engaging thru our app on a daily basis. This helps us to get amazing feedback as part of customer experience. We plan to reach about 50 more schools in this year.

Thanks to Mr. Balaji of Edulytixe.

Title image: Photo by Church of the King on Unsplash

Oct 23, 2019

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