HexaFair, is The #1 Virtual Trade Fair, Virtual Expo & Virtual Summit Software. The venue hall & Exhibitors booths (3D environment), Speakers & Sponsors management, Social networking, Live,on-demand, pre-recorded video/audio streaming for webinars/conferences are highlighted features that help the event organizer to conduct Virtual Expos,Virtual Trade fair & Virtual Events online. It comes up with Mobile (Android& IOS) apps.

Global audience: It helps the organizer to reach & attract international participants to events without any travel, by sitting at home.

Less cost: Physical Expos & Events costs lots of money. You can do the same at 1/3rd of the cost effectively.

Convenience to consumers (users): Do the networking, connect with prospective businesses & Professionals (exhibitors) at your convenience from home computer/anywhere (using your mobile phone)

Whatever problems &solutions addressed in e-Commerce space against Retail, the same applies in Virtual Events against Physical Expos.
Rajaram, CTO, Hexafair.


Nurturing the data:  We are good at collecting the data and but NOT GOOD enough in nurturing the data to make RIGHT decisions. We always ask the people to submit their reports. They do. But, we must be ruthless in nurturing the data (with right tools & processes) that helps us to ask questions, thus resulted in making right decisions & create win-win opportunities to both parties.

Last one year, we spoke to around 150 event organizers,shown prototypes initially as a demo to more than 50 organizers, got feedback and the product is ready at the beginning of 2019.

Now, we are doing Marketing for 6 months. By Mid-2020, Sales is our top priority (More sales & Identify the best sales persons by doing networking & interviewing). When our sales army is ready at 2021, Scale up & Go international.

Here is one of our success stories. C21, a real estate property marketplace company in St Maarten, USA. The virtual Property Fair they conducted helped them to attract and connect local real estate property owners (exhibitors) and International buyers from France & European regions.


We use virtual reality, and provide the best user experience while attending virtual events. The analytics dashboards of the product provide the best insights about every finer aspect of the event.

Nov 20, 2019

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