he “office” as we know, it is broken for many people. A traditional office has become a constraint and a liability for many. Today’s choice of office also applies a “one size fits all” approach. The way people work, especially how freelancers, startups,independent professionals, creative professionals and professionals on-the-move work, has changed drastically but the office choices for them has not. GoFloaters is pioneering a concept of on-demand work spaces to address this problem.  

Back in the beginning of 2017, I was working on my first startup. I used to have meetings across various parts of Chennai. I was wasting a lot of productive time and travel and in traffic.

I also ended up going to cafes to spend time in between my meetings to get work done. Unfortunately, the only way in which I got access to these cafes was to order some food or beverages there. This became a very expensive proposition.

When I inquired with my friends, they too had the same problem. I thus set out to solve this problem for myself and my friends.

We have many interesting stories on how customers are using GoFloaters. We have a young doctor who is using our space as an on-demand clinic on certain weekends.

We have a young mother who has taken up to freelancing by working out of our cafe during the time her daughter is at school. She is able to utilize the time slot between dropping her kid at school and picking up her kid; the workplace she gets is within 2-3 minutes from the school.

We are very excited to be able to be pioneering a new type of work space. We are already helping many startups,freelancers and independent professionals save money and time. We are also super excited by the fact that we are able to help mothers enter freelancing as we are able to provide them with a workspace that adjusts itself to their timings. In 3 years, we should be across 20 cities in India and aspire to serve lakhs of startups, SMBs & freelancers.

While any business needs to get measured by revenue and profits, we are very conscious about having a great deal of focus on the human side of the business. We want to be of help to many startups, small businesses, freelancers, remote workers and independent professionals.  

With our innovative concept of on-demand work spaces we are already helping many startups stretch their runway and hence increasing the chances of their success. We are also able to help women get back into the workforce and the economy through freelancing. This I think is a valuable contribution to the society. As we explore more areas, I am very confident that we would be able to contribute in many more ways.  

Thanks to Shyam of GoFloaters.com.

Oct 9, 2019

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