yber Arangam initiative by Tamil Nadu Police is a great step to handle cyber crimes and prevent cyber attacks. TN Police, with the technical advisors from IIT Madras, conducted a Hackathon event on 23-Nov-2019 in Chennai.

More than 200 participants tried the Capture The Flag contest.

A total of 11 participants were given badges and they will become volunteers to protect the State from cyber attacks. These people are the ones who emerged the top people in the contest.

The task was to attack and defend a server. The team from SSN college won the first prize. Two teams got the second prize and three teams got the third prize. A total of 11 participants will be inducted as volunteers to the Cyber Arangam,” said a senior police officer.

About 1300 registrations were received and about 110 teams were formed to participate in the hackathon.

IIT Madras team created about 7 problems and the top teams solved 5 problems. The levels of the problems were set to be different for the ethical hackers.

This is the new defense force that TN Police is envisioning. Congratulations to the teams who are now volunteers of Cyber Arangam.

The threat factor has changed in the last 10 years significantly. Rogue bots and drones, dark web, merciless cyber hackers and IT sleeper cells, can do more harm to the eco-system and businesses than a conventional war. Cyber wars are getting costly.

Our salutes to TN Police for taking great steps, at the tight time, in the right direction, and energizing the gen next.

Nov 24, 2019

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