his is the new world, disrupted by technology and gadgets. A student gets respect when he/she talks in English. Most of the major Indian IT recruiters say, communication is the most critical part to get selected. Studies reveal that less than 20% of the engineering college graduates possess the necessary communication skills!

There is another world. Not the entire world speaks English. In Germany, France, Japan or China, the respective languages rule, right inside the board rooms that deal with billions of dollars. Then why we in India are so maniac about this English supremacy?

The herd mindset to go after English

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How to get step 1 done - how to make people to have great analytical ability and energy? Learn from the fundamental instincts. Mother is the closest relationship to anyone. The warmth, the passion, the care that a mother shows is matchless. When mother tells, the child trusts that and does that. Child learns the mother tongue without knowing grammatical aspects. It just learns by trust and passion. And the first 8-10 years of brain development is the most astonishing one. Why can't we get this straight? Why can't we make people to learn in mother tongue?

There are 1000s of such examples, right from the great mathematician Ramanujam to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to people of 2016. If you have any doubts that learning in mother tongue is inferior to learning in English, see this link. Vijay of Paytm, has built a great organization. He learnt in his mother tongue in his school days.


Great leaders have studied in their mother tongue only.

Learning in mother tongue gives you absolute clarity in what you learn. It gives greater energy as you move faster. It helps you to express better. That gives more confidence. This no way stops you in learning foreign languages to interface with customers. If we produce more skilled people, we can get the work done, and the coordination piece can be easily handled. This is how China or Japan scaled to greater heights. They learn in their mother tongue.

I came across this organization GUVI (www.guvi.in) that does teach software subjects in 4 different Indian languages. Guvi is incubated in IIT Madras Rural Technology and Business Incubator. I love that, because, I studied in Tamil medium till 10th standard. I can read Tamil 3 times faster than English. That makes me to perform faster when I learn thru my mother tongue. I wish I had a Guvi to help me during my college days!

Studies across races have proved beyond any doubt that learning thru mother tongue has greater edge. A social stigma created by our own people, is eclipsing that great model. I am sure that the people trained by Guvi, will be performing faster and better in their jobs than their English-medium friends!

Sep 23, 2019

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