egalkart is a technology to simplify the legal service delivery. There are three problems we are trying to address through our technology.

a) Legal practice Management ‚Äď an intuitive workflow management for legal professionals

b) Access to trust worthy legal support & matter management for businesses &individuals

c) Discovery of a professional with requisite specialization, court of practice, credibility& quality of service delivery.

 As per bar council of India, there are about 15 Lakh registered lawyers in India & this number is growing with 4% per annum.

While working with various corporates and startups, I realized that there is a dire need of quality legal support& service; this was more painful because issues were scattered across the geography and there was a huge subjectivity and multiplicity of regulatory scenarios in states. In those days I use to wish had there been a support available I would have resolved all the issues on the ground in one go.

This led to the idea of Legalkart an ecosystem wherein all the stakeholders will be there for their own benefit and their presence will ensure a mutually beneficial growth of system.

We have just started 9 months back and its long journey to cover, so far so good. Looking forward with optimism to improve the adoption of legal technology in legal professionals and instill the confidence in a common user about legal systems.

Dr. Arvind Singhatiya | CEO & Founder

We recently announced a seed funding of about a half million from angels prominently from Technology, Finance, Retail,Logistics & Transport. I see this Funding more from the perspective of  acknowledgement to the mission we are working for. Everyone in the industry acknowledges the need of a technology to streamline legal support and services.  We are using this funding to build better technology products and team building.

When we started serving one of our clients, there were more than 800 cases were pending pan India for them and causing a lot of business hit.

After we implemented our tech for them and integrated them with our network of legal professionals; the pendency came down dramatically to just 15 case in less than 45 days. We brought immense transparency and efficiency in the way they use to manage matters. Also the total cost was 15% lesser than their previous manual way of managing matters

Planning to introduce more than 100,000 lawyers with LegalKart technology solutions & looking forward to become the destination technology for Legal professionals. In next three years would like to introduce legal help for millions of businesses and individuals.

Thanks to Dr. Arvind of LegalKart.

Title Image by Mdesigns from Pixabay

Oct 21, 2019

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