ir Quality Index (AQI) is a clear indicator of how habitable your city is. During Diwali day, the pollution levels went to hazardous levels in a few cities in India. Over and above the regular pollution, the sudden surge within 6 hours, had caused wide spread respiratory issues, especially to children and elderly people.

Delhi has been real bad for the last 1 week; Bengaluru is doing very good; Chennai showed sharp rise in pollution.

AQI is calculated based on particles of size in 2.5 microns and 10 microns, CO, NO2, SO2 and Ozone levels. Look at the following picture. Thanks to aqi.in web portal for providing this data. The data is for the last 1 week.

The color coding is done as follows: Green is Good (0-50 AQI), Yellow is Moderate (51-100), Red/Orange is Poor (101-200), Pink is Unhealthy (201-300), Purple is Severe (301-400), Maroon is Hazardous (401-500).

Unless we wake up now and take measures to reduce the pollution levels, we commit the sin of messing up the environment for our future generations. Imagine Chennai or Delhi with 1 crore+ population (i.e. 25-30 lacs families), and just 50% of the families firing crackers worth Rs. 1000! That really shows up in the graph above.

There is a sharp difference in pollution levels between north India and south India. See the graphs below. The more greens you see, it is good.

Pollution AQI - North India - Courtesy aqi.in
Pollution AQI - South India - Courtesy aqi.in
It is high time that the Government makes strict rules to control pollution.

Title Image by alvpics from Pixabay

Oct 29, 2019

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