n the hospitality industry though vast amounts of data is being collected, it is not being effectively used. Such data when analyzed can help maximize hotel’s profits. We are aware that is humanely impossible to collect, analyze and interpret huge business data. That’s why we have automated it. Answergen is a data analytics solution for the hospitality industry. Answergen uses data that points in real-time to the trends in business units. So you can leverage the advantages or course correct the paths, on the fly.

At the end of lunch/dinner or stay at restaurants/hotels, a feedback form is handed to the guest to fill in. Many key details are entered in such forms. Every transaction and interaction with customers produces data that can point to useful insights. They always go beyond the macro data points of sales and revenue. Hidden inside a guest’s staying pattern, F&B pattern, time at spa or gym or even at the travel desk. A nudge here and tweak there will surprise you with higher revenue, lower cost and more loyal guests.
What made you to start this journey and how is it going so far?

During an outing to a restaurant, a feedback form was handed over to fill. It made me wonder why hotels/restaurants were collecting that information. Key information that was being collected was not being effectively utilized. These were data points that could possibly affect a hotel’s profitability.

Can you give one top customer success story?

We have been able to transform huge amounts of transactional business data into key insights with trends. Trends with insights into the operations of the business units delivered directly to the top management.

What do you look from the Government to help startups?

With lot of new regulations and mandates, it becomes difficult to understand what needs to be done. Being in a SME category, lot of the inputs that come in do not necessarily apply to us. Support at the SME level would be a big benefit .

How are you able to attract talent?

Attracting talent is a challenge as we are not a well known startup. We hire people from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and train them. These are people who do not necessarily know English but are hardworking and brilliant.  

As a startup, what are the top 2 challenges you face now?

We are self funded startup. We prefer to work on what we know best. As much as this is an advantage, this is also our main challenge. We do not have the experience and expertise in branding/marketing Sengen. Marketing what Sengen does becomes essential to fight against competition. Lateral hiring is a challenge because the work pace in a startup is different. Hiring people who take the ownership and responsibility without having a big brand name behind is challenging.


Thanks to Ramya Nirmal, Director, Sengen LLC.

Oct 7, 2019

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