GreenCell Mobility, Mumbai (India)

Provider of e-mobility solutions for commercial transport

Jul 24, 2023, Conventional Debt - $36.6M

Ethereal Machines, Bengaluru (India)

Developer of CNC machines

Jul 24, 2023Series A - $7.3M

Ati Motors, Bengaluru (India)

Developer of autonomous electric cargo vehicles for material handling and picking

Jul 21, 2023, Series A - $10.8M

Metabook XR, Noida (India)

Provider of VR hardware and software for academic learning

Jul 20, 2023, Seed - Undisclosed

Superbottoms, Mumbai (India)

Eco-friendly and baby friendly diapers

Jul 20, 2023, Angel - Undisclosed

Louis Stitch, Gurugram (India)

Company offering multi-category fashion products for men

Jul 20, 2023, Unattributed - $609K

DusMinute, Bengaluru (India)

Provider of concierge services for community management

Jul 20, 2023, Series B - $1.4M

Blitz, Bengaluru (India)

Provider of e-commerce fulfillment and same-day delivery solutions for D2C Brands

Jul 19, 2023, Seed - $3M

BhujiaLalji, Bikaner (India)

Wholesaler of namkeens

Jul 19, 2023, Seed - Undisclosed, Bengaluru (India)

Platform offering software for customer journey analytics

Jul 18, 2023, Seed - $3.6M

Solethreads, Delhi (India)

Internet-first brand offering footwear for men and women

Jul 18, 2023, Series A - $3.7M

Hustle Energy Drink, Gurugram (India)

Provider of an energy drink with zero sugar

Jul 18, 2023, Seed - $1.34M

RenewBuy, Gurgaon (India)

Online comparison platform for life and non-life insurance products

Jul 18, 2023, Series D - $40M

Happiest Minds, Bengaluru (India)

IT services company

Jul 18, 2023, Post IPO - $60.9M

Jayem Automotives, Coimbatore (India)

Automotive design & engineering firm 1960

Jul 17, 2023, Unattributed – Undisclosed

Just Learn, Noida (India)

Mobile-based platform providing learning solutions for professionals

Jul 17, 2023, Seed - $198K

Regrip, Gurgaon (India)

Manufacturer of tires

Jul 17, 2023, Angel - Undisclosed

Redesyn, Mumbai (India)

Online platform offering customized apparel for men and women

Jul 17, 2023, Series A - $426K

Furlenco, Bengaluru (India)

Online rental platform offering furniture and home appliance on subscription

Jul 17, 2023, Series D - $36.5M

Stimuler, Varanasi (India)

AI-based platform offering English language learning solutions

Jul 17, 2023, Seed - $1M

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Jul 26, 2023

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