esearch is one area that people think that it is not for me. But every country that invested in research, had come up very well in the last 100 years. Research is not just one person's effort alone; it takes a very big team to achieve.

Three essential ingredients to research - Passion, Patience, Sacrifice.

One must have an ever growing passion in the field of research - whether it is arts or physics or chemistry...This means, every day the desire must keep increasing to achieve this. The passion usually comes from various factors such as teachers, institutions, accomplished people and so on. The vision of the country and the institution plays a great role to ingest passion in people.

In many cases, pain and fear had been the drivers! Necessity is the mother of invention - this is true.

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash


In a year or even in 5 years, research does not end. It may take decades to get a break-thru. Research scholars are also humans. Having got the aptitude to do research, the key attitude is patience. Getting something done at a conceptual level is one thing; at the same time, getting that research applied to a real life application is the bigger one. Every fundamental research needs to go along with some applied research as well.

When applied research starts helping the industry, it starts making the real impact.


All these take time, a lot of it. For the researcher there is nothing like personal time and office time! A researcher looks at the world as the beneficiary. Compliance, regulations, clearance by Government and other bodies, trials, fighting lawsuits etc. everything takes time, energy, mind share, travel, diplomacy and the list goes long. The mind of the real research fellow needs to cope up with all the hurdles on all sides.

When the people of the whole world benefit by the research, the researcher becomes immortal.
Oct 18, 2019

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