oll collection is necessary to maintain the state and national highways. The toll booths are considered as great hindrance to smooth traffic. Friday evening or the eve of a festival, these tool booths become nightmare to travelers.

If you have to cross 5 toll booths to reach your destination, you need to add at least 20 minutes extra towards the waiting time in toll booths.

Long waiting time in toll stations not only create frustration to commuters, but also increase the pollution locally. Idling vehicles cause a lot of pollution in that locality within a short span of time.

The FastTags or SmartTags will help a lot to reduce the waiting time in these toll booths. In fact the vehicles can simply pass thru the sensor area and the tag is recognized and the fee is automatically deducted from your account. Reduced time leads to less frustration, less pollution and more predictability to reach the destination.

One may think that this will reduce the jobs of the toll booth attendants. Yes, true. But at the larger interest of the commuters, this is a necessity. The number of jobs created bu these toll booths is not in millions and hence it does not make a big dent in the job market.

Electronic payment collection thru these tags give more accountability as well on toll collection.

The overhead and burden of taking care of the cash collected at several booths eats away the margins of toll collection. Now this margin is not affected.

FastTags are going to me mandatory from 1-Dec-2019 in all places in India. Cashless toll is a reality now in India.

Travel comfortably without the wait time at toll booths. Enjoy your holidays.

Title Image by snow-dog from Pixabay

Nov 17, 2019

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