arketing cannot be done overnight. You need to work consistently for a period of time to create brand. A brand is far more than visual identity logos and colors. Branding is the most critical pillar for any start-up - it conveys the purpose of your company and communicates the value of your organization.While it is the most critical function of the start-up it’s not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on the branding exercise. Branding can be free and would cost nothing but time and effort.

There are many startups that I know, had great products, but folded. Single reason for that - NO Marketing. You do not do that mistake.


Thank God Its Monday (TGIM)

At Evolutyz Corp we decided to bring all the knowledge of sales, marketing, branding and positioning to as many start-ups as possible in India and hence we started Thank God Its Monday (TGIM). TGIM is an initiative to help start-ups learn about the branding, marketing, positioning and an array of other relevant subjects.

Here is a sample TGIM video on how to build a great personal brand:

I wish you all enjoy branding your organizations as much as we love creating these frameworks.

We wish you all the best in your journey.

Oct 3, 2019

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