irtual Reality helps people to really feel the virtual objects. If we need to develop skills in any industry where objects and handwork are involved, conventional training methods do not work. Virtual Reality is the only hope. SquareComp does that.

Enterprises in the Manufacturing & Industrial sector spend a huge sum of amount towards training and other simulation activities through their existing process. In some cases that cost goes up to more than 5% of their total turnover when accounting the other indirect costs related to their training related activities. Often these practices yield less to minimal outcome and resulting in mediocre skill sets. SquareComp helps them in reducing these training related costs to more than 50% on their current expenses by providing them a Virtual Reality based Hardware & Software solution tailor made to suit their needs. As of 2017 the worldwide training and development market stands at $100 Billion and the Indian market stands at $1 Billion and is expected to grow over $20 Billion annually.

Immersive experience is the key.

We provide them a Virtual Reality Headset compatible with any smartphone within the screen size of 4.5” – 6.7” irrespective of the make and model which enables in easy adaptation of large user base. Our Virtual Reality based content is created exclusive to each and every client and are customized to suit their needs based on their current training material which includes animated content as well as 360 degree videos and lets the blue collar workers have a hands on experience on the machinery and complex mechanisms in the Virtual World without having to disturb the actual machinery and interfere with the production.

Our journey so far

I started my own venture which was initially along with my friends into sales and service of Desktops & Laptops. We had some innovative programs and offerings through this venture and have happily served about thousands of customers for their computing needs. Then the Industry went through a paradigm shift and that’s when I wanted to be able to make a change with the next frontier in technology. That’s when I found out about Virtual Reality and the complex problems it can simplify. We initially thought of going in with the B2C space, But eventually after some research and insights from the Industry veterans we found out that the consumer space will still take time to add real value. That’s when we started working on the Enterprise front with an intent and aim to adding real value to our clients and started developing our product and solution in line with that.


We were fortunate enough to be a recipient of the NIDHI – PRAYAS Scheme and we have been approved of Rs. 9,50,000/- through VEL Tech TBI which we are a part of. This has helped us in developing our prototype and our product and put us in a position where we can go up to our clients and not just be there in our drawing room crafting the product.

Talent hunt is a definite challenge in this space.

Virtual reality based training is going to completely change the training space in the coming years. Watch out this startup.

Thanks to Srinivasan Yagnanarayanan of SquareComp.

Oct 16, 2019

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