Data Analytics is a very hot field. But there are a lot of courses available over the Internet to learn Data Analytics.

The problem is, how to choose the best data analytics course.

But people ignore, one other factor. Before you start learning data analytics, you should get ready for data analytics. The spade work that you have to do for data analytics needs to be done, before you take up any data analytics course.

If foundation course is not done, you may not get more than 50% of what data analytics course talks about. Many people forget that. Before you go for a basketball match to play, you need to do warm up.

Same way before you take up the course, foundation to data analytics is extremely important.

OpenMentor.net provides data analytics foundation.

The videos that you are going to see are in Tamil language.
Foundation to Data Analytics (Tamil) - Part 1. Role of data, Basic infra needed for leaning data analytics thru online, Expectations from the mentors.


Foundation to data analytics (Tamil) - Part 2. Day to day data generation, data consumption, frequency of data.



Foundation to data analytics (Tamil) - Part 3. Basic analysis using Excel spreadsheet.


Here is the complete set of the 10 Foundation Videos.


Enjoy. Thank you.

Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay


Dec 24, 2020

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