orporate is a legal entity where people come together and work together. But recently, especially in the last decade, its meaning is directed only to one of its dictionary given meaning of "a large company". The reason for so many groups fighting against "corporates" is to give a bad image over these companies. Deamonising corporate is not correct.

Corporates are not there to suck the energy and wealth of people.

Let us take a few examples.

Every item one touches from morning to night, is coming out of corporates, in one or the other way.

Name a few brands of toothpaste you use.

Name a few soaps/shampoos you use. Name footware you buy.

Name a few sauce or cereal you eat.

Name a few bread brands, name a few shirt/pant brands, name the vehicle you use, name the fan or air-conditioner you use...

In every one of these, you have to go to a corporate. Name it alopathy or ayurveda, there are corporates.

All office goers must introspect, whether one's current small office must become a big company or not.

The ones who are against corporate, want "larger crowd" to back them, that means, they also look for a "corporate crowd" to fight. What most people forget is that the corporate sector only has created so many jobs and wealth creation to the economically middle class and lower middle class people.

From toothpaste to job to stock option, people want to be part of corporate, but there is a consistent disinformation against corporates!

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Dec 26, 2020

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