he one who gets the attention, gets the business. How to be a star? What does it take to be a star?

Success, Repeat success

People like success and that too, when it is repeated, people like it more. A star has to give repeat success. Whether those are within a shorter or longer time frame, this repeat success makes oneself a star. Every time when success is repeated, the like factor gets multiplied many times. This is the very first ingredient.

Meet with audience

A star is always surrounded by people. Either you must be surrounded by customers or suppliers or media! This part is very tough. Everyone of your words is watched and analyzed in depth by many people. You need to plan a lot of events to meet real people in real places.

Social Media

Spreading the details about you and your actions must be consistently happening in social media. Right from politicians to tech gurus, this is now necessary. Your audience feel comfortable when you are on social media, interacting on a regular basis.


Every public presentation or event, must be rehearsed well. You get limited time. The message you, as a star, must be so powerful and people must get that message right at the very first shot. Without lengthy explanation, people must understand what you talk as a star.

The first 1000 communicators

You need to have at least 1000 real people who can pass on the message from you to 100,000 others. This critical mass is a must for everyone of your messages to reach and become viral.

Social Responsibility

You, as a star, are treated as a role model. There are many people who follow you, imitate you and want to become like you. So doing real social activities is a must on a regular basis.

Oct 2, 2019

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