mall and medium enterprise contribute a major portion to local industry and hiring. Most often SME operate on proven technology and initial investments are low. This indicates lesser risk and a necessity to survive attitude. These factors are required for SME to provide a kind of satisfaction to people, to join, work and continue for a longer tenure.

But with increasing cost and shortage of skills, especially to cater to manufacturing industry, if SME has to survive then they need to embrace automation. Gone are the days when robots costed dearly; now there are a lot of programmable robots that can automate many repeatable jobs. Investors and the Government are ready to help for the initial investments in many domains.

Image by Niran Kasri from Pixabay

But when robots are brought in to handle the temporary skill shortage, this may hit on employment on a longer time scale. A drop in employment reduces the skill development programs and hence reduces the new talent willing to undergo those programs. This cascading effect is not a good sign.

Multi-skill Development

What the world expects now in every worker is multiple skillset. One must have at least 2 complementary skills. This is the road to survive. For example, an air-conditioner assembler having assembly as well as electrical skills, a coil re-winder having re-winding skill as well as servicing skills etc. This will lead to improved utility of the talent of the same person and at the same time dependability.

Massive skill development program across the country is happening. Labor force must make use of these programs. Visit https://nsdcindia.org/

If you are the founder of an SME, ensure that your workforce is trained well in at least 2 complementary areas.

Learning is always good. Learning never goes waste.

Oct 19, 2019

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