arnatic music has been a great identity to South India. Chennai, especially hosts a series of concerts in December-January season. This music season is being conducted for more than 90 years.

There are about 30 well known Sabhas that organize concerts. Each has 3 slots a day to conduct programs. Music, Dance, Drama, each one goes for 15 days, and this gives about 45 days * 30 sabhas * 3 slots/day = 4050 programs!

The above stats is a very conservative number. Many sabhas conduct 5 programs a day and there are about 20 smaller sabhas that organize music and dance programs.

The music-dance-drama events provide great joy and relaxation to the audience. At the same time, this acts as a great eco-system for many small-medium vendors. Every sabha has a caterer. A lot of people utilize the local conveyance measures to reach the sabhas. Every concert requires at least 3 artists and about 1500 artists benefit. Technicians on acoustics, audio and video work a lot and are the backbones of every program.

A lot of people visit Chennai from all over the world. Recordings in Youtube and private sites are viewed by millions of people over a period of time. When the city gets visitors from outside, invariably the classical dress industry also benefits.

Let us welcome the Chennai Music Season 2019-20 and enjoy the music.

Title Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Dec 1, 2019

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