obile and internet have reached the majority of the world. Like air, water and food, people now need mobile and internet; to that extent it has become inseparable. The reason behind this is the content that is being delivered.

Content has no limits

In this digital world, content is everything. It has no limits in terms of age or geography or time. People learn from content and enjoy content. If you want to utilize that subtle factor, you need to create and deliver the content to the audience.

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Content creation is a tough task. A quality content creator is not available everywhere. Also we cannot expect the content creator to know all the stuff that the business teams know. So in order to create good content, the creator and business teams must interact closely. It may go thru several iterations to get to the level of publishing.

Contents of different types must be there such as text, documents, audio, video and images. More images and less text is liked by newgen. Infographics and memes are gaining popularity now.

Consistent Content

There are many channels to distribute content. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are all great channels. Content feed to these channels at regular and consistent intervals is more important than content creation itself. There is no point in having the content in our hands. It has to reach the audience in the way they view it.

Your content across different content delivery channels must be consistent and coherent.

Mobile friendly content must be prepared first. Mobile first mindset is the key to reach millions of eyeballs. Once content is created, formatting the content to make it attractive to the audience must be done.

A like or share or a feedback on a content will happen only when audience really like the content. When it gets shared, the eyeballs double and the person who shares become your fan.

Be Regular

Once in a while placing a post or tweet will not get you anywhere. This must be a continuous exercise. Organizations spend years together to achieve brand recognition in the minds of people. Unless we are regular in creating and propagating content, it will actually be counter productive.

All it needs is to get one video go viral. From that point, your journey to the moon starts.
Sep 24, 2019

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