ducation up to 12th standard, contains a lot of topics in maths, science and social science. When we meet people, across industries, about the subject they studied and the work they do, we find very little correlation. Less than 20% of the studied subjects are put in use; or even less.

The biggest problem we see is that, same syllabus up to 12th grade is pushed to every single student. So much of differentiation, integration, trigonometry, organic chemistry etc. are pushed.

Does every kid need every piece of this? Why can't we have more topics that are relevant to our life and practice?

Things that are relevant to our life such as banking, basic repair and troubleshooting of fan, air conditioner etc., health and medical related aspects - these must be taught to everyone. Up to 12th standard, let them learn more practical items, and then bifurcate to higher studies. This way, we can expect better acumen in students rather than bookish knowledge.


Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

The students who learn this no-use syllabus neither succeed in academics nor in practical life. Instead, more life based syllabus can help them to focus on reality. This will help them to shine in the work/job they do. Also they current pushy education system demotivates a normal student and thus making him/her under performing.

Creating a generic student should not be the aim anymore to the Government. This is nothing but mass production of mediocrity.

The current education system gives a glorified picture to every student. Most people are even not ready to question this system. Teaching more practical and life-based syllabus help every country to create a great pool of workers. This skill based pool is in high demand in every country.

Title Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Jan 23, 2020

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