e must eat our own dog food. If our own people, in our own org do not buy own ideas, how can we expect that someone else to buy the same? The team that converts prospects to customers, the team that retains customers and the team that supports customers are the ones who should work at top speed and energy. If they do not have that commitment, the org will not last for long.


When one is confronted, one can still do the work, but the productivity will not be at its best. Especially at senior levels, people need to be convinced before and during execution. Junior people may not exactly know certain aspects of the work, and usually are good to follow instructions for sometime, till they raise to the level of working independently. But irrespective of the levels, people want to get convinced rather than forced.

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In case that a set of tasks have to be forced on to people, explain why you are doing the same. One may not have time to individually convince, but a reason and explanation is definitely essential. If you see resistance, watch out for the root cause.


Usually people resist process changes. When one is used to follow certain process, and it is altered, it creates inconvenience. Some will openly talk about it and many may not talk. A silence in the team itself is a symptom of resistance. Delay in work, gossips, etc. are all part of resistance.

Do not let an individual resistance turning into a group resistance.

There will be influencers in any team. It is better to convince those first so that the information is passed to others. Any internal resistance is watched by customers as well, since they could see delays and inefficiencies in project execution.

Your people are your brand ambassadors

It is very tough to get all people convinced in all occasions. But as long as the people cross the threshold, they try to respect and show more acceptance and responsibility. Only then they start openly talk about the good aspects of the organization. Whether it is a project or a political party, this stands good. Nothing works better than word of mouth and that comes out when people are convinced.

  1. Commitment
  2. Productivity
  3. Team spirit
  4. Trust

The strength of a chain is the strength of the weakest link in that chain. Unless you make every one of your team members strong, the whole team will lose strength. People will be strong and energized when they are convinced.

Sep 24, 2019

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