ind is the most powerful weapon. The mind of the founder/CEO of a startup goes thru millions of transitions to make things happen. Startups work with hope and at the same time uncertainty. Self influence and the external influence pull the mind of the CEO in many directions.

Self Propelled

In spite of the mentors and investors and other advisers, it the CEO who has to have the self propulsion. Any amount of external factors may not drive the way the self drives it.

Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash

The factors that give more energy are - new lead, new order, customer appreciation, a great demo, visitors to your stall in an event, new feature goes live, funding etc. The factors that cause trough are - customer delaying decisions, denial of fund, production crash, upgrade postponed, quality issues, regulators calling etc.

Balancing Acts

With one factor pulling your energy up at 10am and another pulling down at 1030am, and it keeps happening without any stop, your mind will get tired. To regain the energy you need some techniques. It may be breathing, or yoga or walking or gym; but the recharge must happen quickly. This must happen on a daily basis.

Founder/CEO is the role model. He/she cannot get tired and look sad

If you are able to master the technique of keeping cool during high as well as low, you can never be demotivated. That is the time you start unleashing your potential to the outside world. That is the time people start really following you.

You can share your highs in social media but not the lows. This is treated with a different sense and hence do not show your low moments to the public.

Emanate Energy

Visibly you must show and propagate energy to others. Positive vibes resonate with the rest of the team. It creates more group energy and all get their shoulders up to make it happen.

Encouraging others help you to regain your energy. Even if you are in a bad mood, try appreciating the work of a trainee; you could feel the mood difference.

Never send an email to customer when you are in bad mood. This is proved to be fatal most of the times. The mood swings may make you physically tired. But the day never ends for you. Keep thinking that in the next 30 minutes it will get solved. And it will get solved once you start thinking positive.

Founder/CEO of a startup is the source of light. It has to burn to radiate light. In that process it benefits the whole universe.

Sep 25, 2019

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