eedback from customers are the best inputs to the product manager. The very first 10 customers who take the risk to use your product are the ones who can help you the most. The feature correctness and usability are actually validated by these 10 customers. Your org will also be nimble to make changes in the product very quickly.

Quick Changes

The speed at which you implement those feedback in the product will give the comfort level to the customers. If you can turn around the next day, that will create an awe factor. Even if you take 10 to 15 days to get it done, ensure you keep them informed.

Photo by Adrià Crehuet Cano on Unsplash

In the initial stages, you as startup founder, must spend a lot of time with the customers to know the feedback. 10 is a good and manageable number. You need to personally interact with the customers. Also you as a senior member, can understand the customer better than anyone else.


Do not compromise on the ease of use of any product. Assume that the end user will do wrong. Your product must have the ability to handle such possibilities.

Let the 10 customers be spread across different domains, geographies and size.

The sample set you choose or get need to have some variation in it. Even if all belong to one domain, let the geography or the size be different. This gives you the best pulse of that industry.

Listen, Enlighten, Enable

Listen to the customers. Do not defend your product. End of the day, they have to sign the order! Many times, they may know have the technical competency; hence you may have to enlighten them in different ways. Handhold your first customers so that they feel the warmth. When these 10 customers really start using the product, you can vouch them for reference.

  1. the ones who chose to work with you
  2. going to be your best reference customers
  3. the ones who help you to shape your product better

When you have grown big, imagine those days that you worked with your first 10 customers. Nothing can be as great as this.

Sep 26, 2019

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