ounder is the one who gives birth to an idea and delivers the idea as a finished product. Every human is infinitely potential. This is reality only when the individual realizes this fact. Unleashing full potential comes over time and needs constant practice. To achieve this, the founder has to unite with the vision and become the vision itself.

Realize it first

The first stage is to realize the self potential. Less than 1% in the world tries to start business. You are one among those. You started an org and that itself is the proof that you are different and you have the guts. The self belief must be practiced on a daily basis and it must be the mantra. Only when you believe, you will talk it and you will walk that belief.

Photo by Moritz Mentges on Unsplash

Potential to envision, potential to execute, potential to attract good talent...everything is with the founders. The way one realizes the fact can happen in many ways. This gyaan is something unique to every founder. If you watch what happens around you when you start implementing a new idea. The way it creates positive vibe in the environment itself will tell you about your potential.

Release the potential

The way one releases the potential depends heavily on the way it gets communicated. Great founders and great story tellers. The way you persuade others and get it done is the execution part. The execution must be preceded by story telling, convincing, debating, creating a great environment and many more factors.

You do not have to release the potential towards everything. Identify those sweet spots that require the best push from you

The founder cannot hold the potential to self; reason is that the nature of every founder is to enable others to get things done. Even if you want not to release potential, it will automatically find a way out to come out. Typically you will find the high performing people sticking to you more and more; this is the typical symptom that you are radiating the energy.

Where will you derive from?

You need to constantly derive energy from others as well. The best way to get this is to read, read and read a lot of books. Meet great people one on one and discuss with free mind. Imagine that you get 15 minutes from Bill Gates to discuss. What will you like to derive? You need to have technical gurus, business gurus and spiritual gurus.

The potential that great leaders and gurus released centuries ago, is still showing ways to us. When you are so true to your vision and live the vision, you will realize that infinite potential.

Sep 11, 2019

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